The Drôme and other rivers

the Drôme river

The Drôme river has its source in the foothills of the haut Diois, it flows for 106 kilometres, growing in size with the water from its 59 tributaries before it meets the Rhône at Livron. The Drôme river which is also the name of the Department, is one of the last unspoiled torrential rivers in France. The absence of any buildings or large towns on the banks, means an undisturbed hydrological function which together with a well developed policy of preservation gives rise to an exceptional ecological value. Canoë, swimming, chilling : moments of pleasure with your friends or family that you will not forget! 

shade, cool, relaxation and pastimes at the edge of the drôme but also...


The Roanne

The Roanne has its source at on the foot of the Mount Angèle.It flows more than 34 kilometres and runs into the Drôme river when it gets to Espenel.Surrounded by mountains the Roanne valley is the link between the Drôme/Diois Valley and the Provencal Drôme. The Valley is unspoilt rough and chaotic.

Propice for adventure and bathing, following the road which rises from Saint-Benoît en-Diois to Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert, the river water is a unique turquoise colour.


The Roubion

Starting its life in the heart of the countryside of Bourdeaux in Bouvières. It flows along 67 kilometres before meeting the Rhône at Montélimar. Bathing spots are numerous. In the summer you will appreciate cooling down in the natural cascades and using the rocks worn smooth by erosion to make friendly toboggans.


The Gervanne

 It has dug its bed in a thick layer of hard clay. It has its source at 1200 metres at the foot of the Col de la Bataille in the Southern Vercors. The river runs peacefully in its majestic mountain scenery before plunging between the 
rock faces of the Gorges d'Omblèze and down from a height of 72 metres to become the Chutes de la Druise.