The forest of Saoû

the forest of Saoû

The centre of the village of Saoû will lead you to the world of one of the most beautiful forests of the Drôme. Surrounded by a thick wall of hard clay, the mountain range covers 2500 hectares and accomodates an exeptional biodiversity. The natural pearl of the valley, the forest climbs to its highest point by way of a ridge pathway culminating in the famous mountain Trois Becs (1589 m): Rochecourbe, le Signal and le Veyou. The forest of Saoû is also known for being the most beautiful perched syncline in Europe.

This phenomenon attracts geologists, geographers and other eminent experts from all over. The history of the Forest of Saoû is intimately linked to that of its neighbouring inhabitants.

a delicate natural site

Since 2003, the forest of Saoû is the property of the Drôme Department and is considered as a Delicate Natural Site (ENS). The goals are to preserve this remarquable patrimony and at the same time to improve the acces for the public. If you are visiting or walking in this natural site you will meet eco-guards from the department in charge of the observation and the upkeep of the domaine.

An exceptional site to protect

The exceptional diversity of these natural sites, their plant life as well as their animal species is due to the almost perfect closure of the syncline behind its high walls as well as the different exposures of its mountain slopes, both north and south. The richness and the particularity of this remarkable place is obviously the high number of animal and plant species.

leisure time for everyone

Walkers, hikers, bikers or horse riders, the Forêt de Saoû is cris crossed with signposted paths which allow you to enjoy your pastime peacefully and in security. A lot of these itineraries have been edited to guide you : « Bons plans à pieds » (pack of 6 itineraries for each level), guides specially adapted for different activities like bike rambling, there is also a discovery game to be found on site or in the Tourist Office of Saou Soyans and Francillon.