Crest and its region

at the heart of the valley

From the top of the Tour of Crest, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the valley, appreciating the natural riches of the country of Crest with its rolling hills which descend right to the bed of the Drôme river. At the heart of this green and cosy nature you will discover an architectural monument which has witnessed the important historical moments the valley has known : the tower and its Medieval past of course but also a Renaissance and industrial patrimony also to be found in the surrounding villages.

The Crestois, is also a country characterised by its gastronomy: you cannot pretend you’ve visited Crest without tasting the Défarde, a dish of lamb tripe or the delightful Couve which is a shortbread biscuit with an orange flavour. Local producers provide many treats in the marketplaces or at the Farm with a large choice of delights : meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, honey…

Crest and its surrounding area offers a fine choice of art craftsman and galleries which contribute to make the area a must-see place on the path of knowledge in the Drome.

Enjoy the Drôme river by taking the time to stroll along the riverbank or to chill in the beautiful turquoise water !


Crest, its tower and old city center

Medieval city dominated by the Tower, highest donjon of France, Crest is part of the “Plus beaux detours de France”. The city unveils its history and its architectural riches to those who stroll through the narrow and sinuous alleys wich make all the charm of this town. Make the most of the guided visits in summer to disover the town and its tower.



Patrimony, witness to a strong industrial past

Old silk culture, sawmills, a paper mill which is internationaly known, canals which bear witness to the  intense industrial activity the region has known. Take the time to look at the architecture of the buildings which are around you. And if you are interested to know some more about the old professions of the area, go to visit the agricultural, industrial and artisanal museum of the Berthalais.


The Drôme river : time for a swim or some wildwater canoeing


Take a break along the Drôme riverbank wich offers a large choice of nice places for swimming and to cool down after a hillwalk, so take the time to chill with friends or family.

Try the canoë sliding down the river Drôme, an experience at the heart of nature, wild and wonderful landscapes with professionals by your side.