Gervanne/Sye Valley

gateway to the regional natural park of the vercors

The Gervanne/Sye is a kind of geographical transition between the mountain range of the Vercors and the Drôme Valley. Flowing from the southernmost slopes of the Vercors, the Gervanne and the Sye are two sister rivers which flow in parallel towards the Drôme Valley.

Gateway to the Regional Natural Park, from the cliffs of Omblèze to the peaceful slopes of Peylong passing by the Sépie Valley, the Gervanne Valley holds a multitude of surprises in a rich and preserved environment. Its heart is dominated by the rock of Vellan.

La Sye flows through some splendid high villages, like that of Cobonne.

There are many possibilities for walking and you will discover as you go the rich diversity of the valley.

This richness is cultural as well as natural. The Gervanne/Sye offers beautiful examples of hilltop villages and some magnificent roman churches. Fauna and Flora are remarkable: bats and orchids have found peace and calm. 

You will discover in the many farms, owners passionate about their production who will be happy for you to taste their local produce.

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Ambel tableland

A remarquable natural site renowned for the beauty of its landscape shape by man, the Ambel tableland has always been a transition zone between the Forest and high plain, the Northern and Southern Alpes. The Ambel tableland shelters most of the subalpine species like the chamois, the woodchuck, the hazel grouse, the peregrine falcon.

Ambel is considered as one of the most important places to hear the mating call of the deer with more than thirty male usually there.


Gorges d'Omblèze

The shade, the freshness and the luxuriance of the site of Omblèze wich is classified as a national heritage, offer an astonishing contrast with the lower Valley. From the Moulin de la Pipe to the village of Omblèze, the gorges charm by their mineral character. In the shady atmosphere, moss is abundant on the edges of the small and large Pissoire.They are formed by slow petrification, the flow of water creating the tuff. Starting from the Gorges the walk through the canyon du Gueulard provides a marvellous escapade.



Chute de la Druise

At the end of the Gorges the Gervanne falls from a height of 72 metres, La Chute de la Druise is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Vercors. Accessible by a small, steep, stony path on the way to the village of Ansage, this waterfall will provide at the end of a short, sporty walk, a small haven of freshness. (20 minutes down and 40 minutes on the way back up)


Hilltop Villages

Cobonne, Gigors-et-Lozeron, Beaufort-sur-Gervanne, Suze-sur-Crest et Montclar-sur-Gervanne offer a nice occasion to stroll in the narrow alleys of these hilltop villages.

Vaulted passages, roman churches and chapels, the remains of outer wall fortications are witness of an important history and intense rural life.


Orchid of the Gervanne/Sye

Between March and June, let’s find the different beautiful varieties of Orchid. Be careful, they are all protected !

Of the hundred identified species in France, about sixty are to be found in the Drôme and more specifically in the Gervanne Valley. Between the end of April and June, attentive walkers will be able to admire these wonderful plants.



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