Mirmande - Gateway to the Val de Drôme

once upon a time in the west of the valley

From the top of these historical Hilltop Villages, the panoramic view stretches from the plain of Livron and Loriol, between the main river and its tributaries at the heart of the Rhône valley. The view disappears with the peaks of the Vercors, the Ardèche and the sunshine of the south toward provence...

A multitude of orchards, in blossom or fruit laden, depending on the season, invite one to take the hillside pathways down to the plain to meet the Confluence Drôme-Rhône, a protected zone (Natura 2000) 

Leaving the Rhône, pathways follow the Drôme inviting you to  walk to the nature reserve of the Ramieres where you will discover the beavers mingling with migratory birds and dragon flies.

On the way the slopes, planted with vines, promise the flavours of a rare wine "Brézème".

Hilltop Villages of Mirmande, Cliousclat, Montoison, Grâne or Allex can be seen on the slopes and the heights of the surrounding hills like guardians of far distant times beckon to wander into the heart of their picturesque alleyways.

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  • The Hilltop Villages

    Spread along the relief of the landscape. Their preserved

    architecture often medieval is very pleasing and to be discovered when you stroll in the narrow alleys of the villages. Montoison, Grâne, La Roche sur Grâne, Allex, Autichamp, all different, each one has its own charm and specificities.


At the top of the mid Rhône Valley and at the gateway to the Drôme Valley, the site of the high Livron has always occupied a strategic position of great importance.

The canals remain a witness to an ancient history. On the slopes you will find the ripening grapes which will be used to produce the delicious rare and tasty « Côtes-du-Rhônes” wine.


In 1946 when the cubist painter named André Lhote campaigned for the classification of the village, the pathways alleys were restored and attracted a number of other artists amongst them Marcelle Rivier, Alexandre Garbell and Pierre Palué. Since that time, Mirmande has become a very lively place for contemporary artistic creation.

Nowadays, the admirably restored houses are showing beautiful stone « facades » with old doors and windows from the renaissance.

Confluence and natural site

Prentegarde is situated at the confluence between the Drôme and the Rhône.

7 discovery stations punctuate the signposted pathways.

Descriptive panels and floor stones help to better understand the site: the hydraulic function of the plain, where to discover the dragonflies, the migratory birds and the beavers.