The Drôme Valley is the Biovallée®

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From Vercors to Provence, from the riverside to the top of the 3 Becs, the Drôme Valley is a place of contrast. 

Rich with its patrimony of startling countryside, allied to the friendliness of its inhabitants, the Biovallée offers many different pleasures : discover the Hilltop Villages with their narrow alleys, their walks in classified nature reserves, aquatic sports, swimming, sampling

Authentic local products, or music & cultural festivals following the pattern of the seasons.

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This is the way we manage to create a good quality of life together and it has became a reference with respect to sustainable development.

The label Biovallée was created in the Drôme Valley & it was very well conceived it did not just happen. Biodiversity under temperate latitudes is unique. This corridor in which population movement has favourised exchanges, and innovations .

 Its habitants, its businesses, its municipal structures, its associations have championed sustainable developement for a number of years.

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Association of the brand Biovallée®

The members of the association can claim their affiliation to the Biovallée® territory.

The brand can be used to valorise their structure. As a member they agree to achieve the goals of the Biovallée, meaning to reduce energy use by half, produce renewable energy, buy local products etc.

The Tourist Office Network is member of the Biovallée® brand.


carte micro territoires

Map of the Drôme Valley

Using this map will allow you to locate the touristcreas, the 45 villages and the important elements of the patrimony of the Drôme Valley.


The Drôme Valley has two commuties of communes

 The "Communauté de Communes du Val de Drôme" (CCVD) and the "Communauté de Communes du Crestois et du pays de Saillans" (CCCPS) number 45 communes. The two organisations support the network of tourist offices and "Syndicats d'initiative" consisting of 9 points of tourist information across the Valley.

Together with the Pays Diois they compose the Biovallée.