Religion heritage

The history of the Drôme Valley is deeply linked to the cohabitation between the catholic and protestant religions. Edifices still visible nowadays are a way to remember this rich history made of Conflict and cohabitation.


The romanesque churches

At the top or hidden at the center of a village, these delicate reminders of roman art show the beauty and the knowledge of architectural techniques of the period. Take the time to appreciate them and let yourself be guided by the explanatory panels situated at each entry.


protestants in the valley

The traces of the huguenots are revealed through isolated graves, discreetly signalled by a Cypres or a fence, private family cemetery... Protestant Temples coexist with catholic churches, symbolising a religious tolerance at the end of the 18 century. The Valley is actually crossed by the 1600 km walk "Sur les pas des Huguenots", starting from Poët-Laval in the Drôme Valley and finishing at Bad Karlshafen in Germany. This itinerary reminds us of the persecution of the protestants and their obligation to choose their exile.




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