Water flow heritage


Fountains, washing places, canals, paddle wheels… The Drôme Valley overflows with signs of its heritage, true witness of the social history of the area. As you wander you will discover ancient industrial buildings, you will admire large paddle wheels on a canal. Since the end of the 18 century and during all the 19 century, local industry in the Drôme Valley has known an auspicious period. Textiles, more particulary silkworm farming and the milling of the silk, the production of paper  as well as the agricultural production, vegetable oil mills or the cutting tool industry were at the origin of this economic prosperity.

During your stay, take the time to go and visit the paper mill Latune in the village of Mirabel et Bllacons which is now restored as accommodation but the walls still show evidence of its past history, travel along the canals in Livron and visit the museum in Saillans where silkworms are still raised. Take the time to look at houses because lots of them are old buildings which still bear witness to their old economic activities of the past. These industries were created on the banks of the Gervanne, Roanne or Drôme rivers.




puits Barnave

Canals, washing places, fountains...

The canals of Livron and more specially the canal of the Grands Moulins, the oldest and most important which travels through several towns.

The washing places of Chabrillan, Cliousclat or Crest

The Fountains of Saillans, Autichamp or Cobonne…







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