Arts and Crafts

sensual pleasures

Open the doors of the art workshops ! Craftsmen and artists, will share their passion where tradition and innovation meet for the pleasure of your senses. By visiting these workshops you will discover the  talents we have here in the area. Learn what you have always wanted to know or do by taking part in a course.

the artistic professions are waiting for you

You can discover the talents and knowledge of our artists and craftsmen by visiting the valley's remarkable villages. Ceramists, potters, iron workers, milliners, jewellers… these professionals use their materials with talent and imagination, and express their passion through their unique artistic creations. Their gestures are the reflection of a tradition and knowledge of our cultural heritage and the result of a meticulous artistic research of quality.


Pottery is a tradition in the valley

The pottery tradition is well established in the valley and numerous potters can be found, making a diverse range of pottery, stoneware, raku, ceramics both useful and decorative. In Cliousclat, nobody can tell precisely when the pottery activity started  but one of the first mentions was written at the beginning of the 10 century.


   You can download the guide to the artistic professions created by the Chambre des Metiers.





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