Delights for the gourmet

produceS from the valley

The Drôme Valley abounds with local produces and specialities. Their quality and originality is guaranteed by the different AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) and the “Biovallée” classification which also shows the commitment of the local producers.

Wine-making and fruit region, the Drôme Valley is also a land of livestock farming and cullinary traditions …


We recommend you discover some of these emblematic local products.


To be enjoyed without moderation


The Picodon

The Picodon is a small goat cheese with a typically strong flavour, le Picodon A.O.C is produced with the values and respect of the artisanal tradition. Producers mix full cream milk with a very low amount of rennet. Then, gently, the curd is moulded with a ladle into cheese strainer with round edges full of holes. During the draining step, each cheese is turned at least once. Salt is applied to the surface of the cheeses.

Then they are unmoulded from the strainer to dry and mature for at least 8 days.14 days after the initial preparation, the cheese may be given the name "Picodon" and either be eaten or left to mature further.

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Guinea Fowl

At the heart of the Drôme, land of freedom and sunshine, a unique fowl with an irresistible flavour is bred with passion : the young guinea fowl from the Drôme. Fable would have it that it was introduced by Hannibal le Carthaginois during his battle treks, the young guinea fowl from the Drôme has kept its gamy character through the centuries. Faithful to its territory, fed with sun and good cereals, it becomes the ideal companion, liked and searched for by good tables and those with fine taste buds, seducing fans of fine cooking and authenticity.

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Garlic from the Drôme

Plump and fat, the white garlic from the Drôme is an essential ingrédient to perfume your dishes, it also

has amazing curing virtues. Many plantations are situated around Grâne, Chabrillan, Allex, Montoison.

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Fruits and vegetables

Along the footpaths of the plain and the hillsides, many fruit orchards are to be found, in blossom in Spring, full of fruit in Summer and Autumn, very tempting for a walk. Cherries, Bergeron apricots, peaches, pears, apples, kiwis are the principal varieties of fruit produced in the Valley.



The Montoison Melon

We already know the melon from Cavaillon but its cousin from the Drome, the one from Montoison merits being discovered as well. Sweet and full of flavour, it embodies the flavour of the south. It is mainly cultivated around the villages of Montoison and Allex.


The Couve

Since the early XVIII century, this shortbread biscuit (originally from provence) is traditionally served for Easter. The name “Couve” is inspired by her shape: a chicken’s nest with eggs. It is a round, 2cm thick shortbread, without baking powder, pastry balls have been added at the center to represent the chicken and around it to reproduce the eggs. We can enjoy it at any moment . It will be the joy of children at tea time, or can be served as a perfect end to dinner with a glass of Clairette de Die, sparkling and fruity.

It would seem that the Couve was the inspiration for the recipe for the Suisse de Valence.