Clairette de Die and other wines

the vineyards of the Diois

The wine-growing area of the Diois is one of the highest of France. It is situated at the foot of the natural parc of the Vercors and extends from Aouste on the Sye in the west to Chatillon en Diois in the east. Spread over more than 1500 hectares, these grapevines produce 3 different types of wine.

clairette de Die

The traditional Clairette de Die, the most famous and the oldest from the Diois (1942) is a naturally sparkling and sweet wine. It is characterised by its fruity taste and floral aroma. More than 300 producers share the 1200 ha of white Muscat and white Clairette (respectively 75% and 25% of the composition).


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Crémant de Die

The Crémant de Die is a dry sparkling wine entirely made from the grape variety Clairette. Turned into wine by a traditional method, it is the only Crémant to be found amongst the Grands Crus from the Rhône Valley.

coteau de Die

The Coteau de Die, unlike the two others AOC, is a flat wine without bubbles. Its production is limited to only 3 hectares of vines… It is made using only the Clairette grape which makes this rare fine wine quite unique. Two winemakers passionate about the Clairette grape, who make this almost forgotten wine are to be found by following the Gervanne Valley as far as Suze sur Crest.


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