The major itineraries

open air activities for every taste

1500 marked kilometers, an itinerary network to everybody taste.
Take a break and chill with your partner, family, and friends!


Whether you walk, bike, ride on donkeys or horses, let yourself wander on the hiking paths cleared and signposted by the territory. Nothing is more beautiful and serene than the experience of discovering the countryside, the culture and real human encounters.


So do not wait, take to the paths, and let yourself be seduced by the fabulous energy of our countryside.


The signposted hiking paths of the Drôme Valley allow you the possibility of many one day outings or to explore further if you wish. On your way you will find all types of resting places with the services you require:
Hotels, guestrooms, campsites, where you can rest your horses or safely leave your bikes.
And for the midday break, small restaurants, Bistrots de Pays and local producers will be found along your way.


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The Vélodrôme

A peacefull bike ride for families, created in conjunction with the ViaRhôna on pathways and the existing road structure. Crossing the orchards in the plain and the hillsides, the Vélodrôme will lead you to discover the Natura Zone 2000 of Printegarde, the Natural site of Les Ramières, les côteaux de Brézème, the hilltop villages of Livron and Allex and the fresques N7 of Loriol.


VTT "Les Chemins du soleil"       

From the Rhône Valley to the Alpes Provencales :

On the itinerary of the famous raid VTT des Chemins du Soleil,

the “Valence-Gap-Sisteron” follows the riverbanks of the Drôme river from the Confluence to the vineyards of the Diois beneath the cliff face of the Vercors.

A small mountain escape around Dévoluy leads to the Gapençais valleys. These routes are part of the major national network of the French Cyclist Federation.


VTT 26 Along the Drôme river    

In conjunction with the ViaRhôna, the riverbanks of the Drôme river offer numerous possibilities for VTT and VTC.

From Livron, you will follow the Drôme river, from the confluence with the Rhône to Saillans.

This ride of 50 kilometers can be done easily in a day, you can also come back by train with the TER ligne Gap/Valence which stops at the train stations of Saillans, Crest and Livron.

The path signposted « le long de la rivière Drôme » is also used by walkers, be carefull !


Take the time for a break :


  • - In Livron follow the canals, go up to the hilltop village and cross the coteau de Brézème which produces a unique wine.
  • - To Freydières lake in Grâne, for a pic-nic break.
  • - To the Gare des Ramères, in Allex for a fun visit.
    • - In Crest for a walk in the medieval city and its historical donjon.
    • - In Saillans to visit the vines and to taste the magical Clairette.


"Sur les pas des huguenots"

It is an itinerary of 1600 kilometers, starting from Poët Laval in the Drôme it ends at Bad Karlshafen in Germany. It enters our valley before le Col de la Chaudière, then makes its way towards Die.

This itinerary follows the historical walk of the Huguenots exiled in the direction of Switzerland and Germany after the revocation of the Nantes edict in 1685.


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Equestrian itinerary

The Drôme was one of the first department to put signposts for horse riders. You can find all the information you require about the pathways and stopping points on the website created by the association Drôme à cheval. There are enormous possibilities for hiking on horseback in the Valley.